Wednesday, May 21, 2008

…eLdEr BrOtHeR’s BiRtHdAy

Celebrating one’s birthday is one of the most happiest moments in anyone’s life. He is very happy on this very day. Majority of my students even says that their favorite month is the one where their birthdays are found. Their reason is just, their birthdays are there. That’s all.

Today, May 21st, is my elder brother’s birthday. What a pity for me that I am away. I can’t celebrate with them. With this situation, I can do nothing except to wish him the best. I may not be there physically, but I’m there spiritually. I am with them. Bro, I wish you the best that the world could possibly offer. I am making this message for you, just for you!!!

May you special day be surrounded with happiness, filled with laughter, wrapped with pleasure, brightened with fun, blessed with love, remembered with joy and enriched with hopes. Here’s a simple message from your brother, hoping this birthday would bring joy to you, what you deserve of……….. …..years and years of great and happy days filled with lots of joy and love. Have a wonderful day! Happy birthday to you big brother!

I am greatly hoping success in your taken career. No matter what happens, we are at your side, journeying with you. Be always happy! Wish you the best! I love you big brither!!!

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